2023 New Years Values Focused Reset


I first started with the concept of focusing on 5 values for each year versus resolutions in 2021.

As the new year approached I notice the trend of moving away from resolutions and choosing one word to focus on for the year. One word doesn’t work for me because it’s too big, it’s too much of a focus on one thing or more so too easy to let the one thing slide when unsuccessful.

That being said whatever works for you, go for it. I advocate for values because centring your actions around values provides clarity and purpose. Clarity and purpose helps with contentedness, contentment with peace, and isn’t that what we are all searching for?

Check out my post on Values setting here – https://inventingresilience.com/2020/11/22/values-who-you-are-and-how-you-define-yourself/

The Annual Values reset doesn’t necessarily focus on a top 10 or even top 20 values, more so reflecting on the previous year and what might have been missing or could benefit from digging deeper into. The other reflection is on possible pinch points for the upcoming year and which values might help ease them.

My 5 values of focus for 2023 are –

Generosity, Growth, Compassion, Joy and Consistency

How these show up may look different day by day or month by month. With identifying the values, taking the time daily or weekly to check in and see if I’m still aligning my actions and goals with them helps with forward vision.

The values might present individually or in tandem such as Generosity and Consistency. Having set up a monthly contribution to a couple charitable organizations locally and via payroll deductions (something my company offers) I know consistent help is provided. This is a very direct correlation which might not always exist.

Generosity may show up in many forms as well, not just financial. The idea of being generous with your time, your energy and your space can be equally or more important. I have felt like I was pulling from an empty bucket for a while and so not being a generous as I would like so remembering small moments or actively finding opportunities to be is the goal.

Growth was important because the past year was huge in growth for me and I felt tired before my Holiday. I needed a break and thought maybe I’ll just take it easy for a while, it could be so good to just rest. The thing is I know I feel best when I’m continually learning and growing so my vision with this is to finish at least one course related to work and try something new. Very general and open enough for flexibility (options).

Compassion is something I try hard to apply everyday; I know there are areas where I am better at this than others. I can get frustrated with privilege and those I describe as Ostriches, people who would rather stick their head in the sand than hash it out.

I am hoping having this as a goal will continue to let me have an open mind in every interaction and if not (because I’m human and all) when I do lead with judgement instead, when doing my reflection periods (day/week) I can sprinkle in more compassion.

Joy, it may seem like a funny one but my partner suggested happiness and I said you can’t have that because it’s not tangible. Joy, joy can be tangible in moments, in memories and sometimes even in things.

So for Joy, my goal is to capture those moments as often as possible, to revel in them, slow down and savour them.

Last is Consistency- this was the last one I thought of but it fits perfectly because consistency is what will tie them all together for the year.

Consistency in my workouts (I’m currently on a 79 day streak with PILATES and movement), consistency on my rest taking, consistency on reading for pleasure, on marking those moments of Joy, and consistency in reflection.

I have spent the last decade since having my daughter feeling all over the place. I’ve worked at over 10 different employers, never one at a time and always while taking courses. I’ve spent a decade being all over the place. I’m sure there is a post in here but the point is that this year I finally feel like I can settle in a bit. I love my job, my kids are older and all in school, I’m coming out of the postpartum/post divorce fog/sadness and Consistency I’m hoping will only help in creating peace.

My last piece to Consistency, it’s a big one, is to show up here more. I’m off work for the next week, my hope is to outline 12-24 topics. Writing 1-2 per month with a corresponding podcast episode.

I started Inventing Resilience from a need to have an outlet and to fill my creative cup. Now I just need to ensure I spend the time often and consistently to always be filling the bucket.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and please share your values of focus for the upcoming year – or your word or resolutions.

50 Days of Movement -Halfway Giveaway


I wanted to post a post to celebrate reaching the Halfway point in our 50 Days of Movement Challenge. It has been a great experience to try out a bunch of different workouts/Movement patterns.

We have had limited openings to our Fitness Studios (Private/Low Impact only) where I live so this Challenge has been a great motivator for me personally to make time to move. It can be so easy to put off movement when we have no place to go or push to leave our homes.

Our hosts have created a great variety of options and you don’t necessarily need to do the given workout to still engage in the Challenge.

We are making connections between our Physical Resilience and Mental Resilience.

Part of Movement is making intentional space for yourself in your day, even 10 minutes makes a huge difference. Put on your favourite music and dance, take a walk around the block, do a 10 min core set or some squats while watching a show.

Making space, giving yourself permission to focus on you is really important to build resilience. It re-inforces your value, and your recognition of valuing yourself. I encourage movement because to me, personally, getting my body going and my energy out (super high energy here) helps calm my mind and heart.

Whatever works you – be sure to make time, and if you are moving, join my Challenge, wink.

If you have any questions about the Challenge, joining or want to share how you make space for you reach out – I would love to hear from you.

Anywho part of our Halfway Celebration is a –

HALFWAY Giveaway! 🙌

To Celebrate making it to the Halfway Point of our 50 Days of Movement Challenge.

I am doing a GIVEAWAY for a copy of Untamed by @glennondoyle.

I have read this book a few time since picking up a copy for myself last Spring – I have also given a few copies as gifts because it’s just that good. Glennon shares her personal insights into life and encourages us to find our own inner Cheetahs 🐆

So in the spirit of the upcoming Easter – let’s do a little ‘Easter Egg’ Hunt of our own. Some of our Hosts will be hiding ‘Cheetahs’ in their stories between today and Thursday.

To ENTER either DM all the Hosts that featured a Cheetah to @inventingresilience (Private accounts) or share the answers via your stories being sure to tag @inventingresilience and our hosts so we can see it (Public).

You will want to make sure you are following our hosts 😉

Hosts: @oilandgrain @coach_rhi @lindsay.coghlan @mommytosubthree @perfectlyflawedfit @claudialucialc @inventingresilience

GIVEAWAY runs TUESDAY March 30th to THURSDAY April 1st, 2021.

Winner will be announced via Stories and contacted via DM from @inventingresilience by Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.

This Challenge is not affiliated or sponsored by Instagram in any way. Prizes will be drawn from entries gained through correct answers of Cheetah hunt, sharing of stories with necessary tags and using

50 Days of Movement Challenge

Starting Saturday, March 6th

What is this Challenge all about? Why 50 Days of Movement?

Well as mentioned above our Mental Resilience is so closely tied to our Physical Resilience. Moving our bodies in an intentional way, making time for ourselves to breathe with purpose gives a much needed break each day. As my partner would say I am a nicer version of me when I fit my movement in.

What prompted this? Well, with our recent second lockdown and closing of Recreation and Fitness to the general public, I needed to find a way to motivate myself to keep moving so I set a goal of 50 Days of Movement.

I switched between my own workouts, ones on Pilates Anytime and some by @OilandGrain. I took time lapse videos each day to push myself to not quit, which was tough considering the super busy start to the year, but the personal commitment and the daily posting helped keep me accountable to my goal.

When I was just over half way done I knew I wanted to share my experience with others so I reached out to those that I knew either personally, from school, work (Calgary being a BIG Small Town) and those that I have admired from afar.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing group of Hosts agree to join me in this Challenge.

How It Will Work:

Posts will be made via Instagram by myself and the Host of the Day, also they will be loaded daily to the Body section of Inventing Resilience, for the period of the challenge. Workouts and video may be posted either here, or via link to the Host of the Day’s website and Instagram. If you would like the workout to your Inbox daily visit the contact page above to find the Subscribe form.

Links to the Hosts Pages are as follows and will be included with the Daily Post

Saturdays are here with myself, Meghan @inventingresilience

Sundays with Polly @mommytosubthree

Mondays with @lindsay.coghlan, http://www.lindsaycoghlan.com

Tuesday with Claudia @claudialucialc, http://www.sunny-side.ca

Wednesdays with Rhiannon @coach_rhi, http://www.coachrhi.com

Thursday with Leah @oilandgrain, http://www.oilandgrain.com

Fridays with Grace @perfectlyflawedfit, www.facebook.com/perfectlyflawedfit


So far we have been lucky enough to find 3 sponsors for a Winner’s Prize Pack at the end –

Essential Studio Mat from @shophalfmoon, http://www.shophaldmoon.ca

Choice of a pair of either the Thomas leggings or Felix pants from @renard_elliott, http://www.renardelliott.com

$50 to Spend @jolyncanada, http://www.jolyn.ca

Copy of The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor from @inventingresilience


We ask that you tag all the Hosts and Sponsors on your Social Media account (Instagram) showing you moving each day with the #50daysofmovement.

Our Hosts have worked hard on creating great workouts for you but we understand that a full workout might not work in your day, so even if you just move intentionally for 10 min and tag us whether in your story or post, it will count as an entry to the PRIZE PACK.

If you don’t have Instagram – tag us on Facebook too, and or sign up for the Hosts Newsletters for additional points.