Podcast Episode #1: Intro and Values: Who You Are and How You Define Yourself (Revisiting/New Thoughts)

One of my goals this year, and specifically by May 1st was to create a Podcast, figure out the how to record, load, etc.

This is my first attempt – I wanted to do an Intro and revisit my post from the Fall when I first starting writing again, reaffirming the Values Mindset, hopefully giving a voice and some added feeling to the words.

You can listen on Spotify, if you could share and follow there as well that would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know your thoughts – I will aim to finish flushing out the last few posts on Health, Beauty and Fitness and then record. I appreciate any and all feedback. Much care – Meghan

A Triangle in a Round and Square World Inventing Resilience

Exploring what it feels like to not fit in and be a Triangle in a world that feels full of Circles and Squares. Older post revisited with some new thoughts and examples. Scattered as always.
  1. A Triangle in a Round and Square World
  2. Empathy – Because More
  3. Accountability: Why it builds Resilience and Saves us from A**holes
  4. Unpacking Privilege
  5. Thinking Critically – Ranking, Prioritizing & Evaluating your Values

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