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Hi! Thank you for stopping in. My name is Meghan, the Writer, Rambler and Guide of Inventing Resilience. I started Inventing Resilience when I was in a place of transition, as an outlet of thoughts and feelings.

Growing up I was often told I was too much… to loud, to opinionated, to assertive, just too much. I often felt out of place and misunderstood. This didn’t change tons, but I learned to adapt. I suffered from what I call ‘circumstance depression’, meaning that I would be overwhelmed with not fitting in. I couldn’t understand, I liked me, why wouldn’t others.

I have found Resilience in staying true to me. I know my what I Value, when I live by them I feel content, no matter what anybody else thinks, I can love myself. I hope that within my writings I can help you find your own Values, help you learn to live by them and Invent your own Resilience.

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